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What is the difference between trough cable bridge and ladder bridge?

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The trough FRP bridge is a fully enclosed cable bridge. It is suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other control cables with high sensitivity. It has good effect on shielding interference of control cables and protection of cables in heavy corrosion environment. The shield of the trough bridge is supplied with the trough body.

Trough bridge is generally a closed type of bridge, there are no openings, so the heat dissipation is poor, and the bottom of the tray bridge similar to it is a lot of waist-shaped holes, heat dissipation performance is relatively better.

Ladder bridge is a new type of bridge which is improved by enterprises on the basis of relevant information at home and abroad and similar products. It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, unique shape, convenient installation, heat dissipation and good air permeability. It is suitable for laying large diameter cables, especially for laying high and low voltage power cables. The ladder bridge is equipped with protective shield, which can be indicated when ordering. All its accessories are common with tray and trough bridge. Ladder bridge has circular arc bending: bending, three-way, four-way structure is beautiful circular arc, inside bending radius R200-900mm, natural transition of cable bending, avoiding the breakage of cable bending, and can increase the strength of cable bridge.

The product weight of ladder bridge is lighter, the installation is more convenient and quick in the construction process, and the transportation and loading and unloading process will be faster, so in the construction, if the quality is lighter, the construction unit can be more convenient; secondly, for the construction, the installation is also necessary; thirdly, the production must be guaranteed. The shape of the product is good, only in this way can the construction effect be guaranteed.

With the great development of national economic construction and industrialization, there are multiple demands for the further improvement of product diversification and characteristics of ladder bridge. It is expected that there will be a good development prospect in the future.

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