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What are the common cable bridge accessories?

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The grounding trunk circuit of cable bridge system shall meet the following requirements:

1. The connecting resistance between the ends of the bridge shall be no more than 0.00033 ohms, and the grounding holes shall be insulated by coating.

2. In the neutral point direct grounding system below 1KV, the grounding of the receiving equipment is connected with the neutral line grounding of the system.

3. When the power supply is cut off and installed, the metal cross-sectional area in the long direction of the bridge frame should not be less than the prescribed value.

Commonly used accessories of cable bridge are: three-way, elbow, different diameter, screw, lock, bracket, suspender, crossbar, connector, grounding wire, etc. In addition, there are also cable terminal junction boxes, cable intermediate junction boxes, connecting pipes and terminals, steel plate junction grooves, cable bridge and so on. In some places where vibration occurs, shock absorber coils should also be installed at the connection of the grounding part.

What are the common cable bridge accessories?

Cover and connector This part is mainly cascade, tray, trough bridge fittings, which includes width adjusting sheet, height adjusting sheet, connecting sheet, angle adjusting sheet, partition shield and so on. It is an accessory for widening, heightening, connection, small angle steering in horizontal and vertical direction, separation of power cable and control cable in cable bridge installation. Bridge frame accessories are very important parts of cable bridge. In this way, the requirements for it are very strict, because it needs to be applied to some more important areas. Mainly includes various cables, pipe and cable clips and connection, fastening bolts and other bridge accessories, all connection, fastening bolt cable clips are all galvanized, other slot plate, flower hole angle iron surface treatment is divided into electrostatic spraying, galvanizing, spraying paint three kinds.

Overall Introduction of Bridge Spare Parts

Cable bridge frame refers to cable ladder, cable tray and metal slot. Cable bridges are mainly made of steel, aluminium alloy and FRP. Surface treatment of steel bridge components can be divided into spraying paint, spraying plastic, galvanizing, hot galvanizing, powder electrostatic spraying and other processes. The installation of cable tray is mainly along the roof. Horizontal and vertical installation along the wall, along the shaft, along the ground. Installation along cable trench and pipeline bracket, etc. The final product can be selected for the support (suspension) frame used for installation. The main fixing methods of support (suspension) frame are embedded iron parts, expansion bolt fixing and so on.

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