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Corrosion Resistance Analysis of Different Cable Bridge Frames

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In the past, people may not be familiar with the bridge, but in today's life, cable bridge can be seen everywhere, which is also the inevitable product of economic development, of course, it also plays a great role in our reality. The main function of cable bridge is to support cables. We know that there are more and more large buildings nowadays. If the cables are exposed directly, it is not only beautiful in appearance, but also dangerous. The following is to introduce several common bridges to you with the corrosion resistance of cable bridges.

Stainless steel cable bridge

Stainless steel cable bridge is very popular because of its excellent corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance. In addition, stainless steel bridge is easy to clean after use, which is one of the reasons why people choose stainless steel bridge.

II. Aluminum Alloy Cable Bridge Frame

Aluminum alloy bridge is mainly used in some power plants and chemical plants because of its strong corrosion resistance. Another popular reason for aluminium alloy bridge is that it is lighter and easier to install and maintain. However, we should pay attention to the use of dry cloth to wipe the aluminium alloy bridge during the later maintenance period. We should not use wet cloth or any chemical preparation.

3. FRP Cable Bridge Frame

The main material composition of FRP cable bridge is the plastic with stronger glass fiber and some flame retardants. From its composition, we can know that FRP bridge has stronger fire resistance. In addition, FRP bridge has the characteristics of aging resistance, safety and reliability.

IV. Other Cable Bridges

In addition to the above mentioned bridges, the types of cable bridges include galvanized bridge, galvanized cable bridge and electrostatic powder spraying cable bridge.

1. Galvanized bridge is basically used in ordinary environment. Its advantages lie in its simple installation and low cost.

2. Hot-dip galvanized cable bridge is mainly used in strong acidic and alkaline environment.

3. The application of electrostatic powder spraying cable bridge is more extensive. It can choose different plastic powder according to the actual application environment, and its appearance color is very beautiful.

When we choose cable bridge in real life, we should choose the cable bridge according to its nature and the actual use site, so as to better use it.

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